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Yes to not always knowing what a book is about! Thank you, Patrick Ness! So yes, I've started reading his book More Than This because I know Asti @ A Bookish Heart is always raving about Patrick Ness. This wasn't her favourite book of his but she did like it. So, when I saw its spine staring at me at the library, I decided to borrow it, not knowing what to expect.


So far, I'd say the first few pages are disturbing. They are terrifying and in a way, imagining the opening scenes, if you will, are grotesque. But I think we all have some morbid fascination in us that make us read anyway, no matter how much we want to look away because we can't.


Personally, I wouldn't have particularly chosen to read this book myself but since I was curious about Asti's love for Ness's books and because the prologue and the first chapter are not what I expected, I will continue reading. We'll see how I feel at the end of it.


If you've never heard of this book before, here's the cover, so you can look it up:



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