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End of Days

End of Days - Susan Ee, Caitlin Davies Audiobook rating: 2 stars
Book rating: 1.5 stars

Initial thoughts: End of Days makes me wish Angelfall was a standalone book. That was so much wasted anticipation for a book that I didn't particularly care for once I was done reading. Angelfall was so different and surprising, it enthralled me. World After kept me hooked, even if it served more as a bridge. Sadly, I think the bridge was a better destination than End of Days was.

It's a good thing that I like the narrator, Caitlin Davies. It's through her voice that I experienced the entire trilogy, so even though I think Penryn was a much weaker character in End of Days than in Angelfall, listening to Davies maintained the familiarity for me.

What I did enjoy was the exploration of Beliel as a character. He was the only one who really had any substance and depth. Raffe was very inconsequential in comparison. Just as well. For all the people who ship Penryn and Raffe, I hardly cared about the outcome of their romance even from the start.

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