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Saphirblau - Kerstin Gier, Josefine Preuß, Maria Ehrich Audiobook rating: 4 stars
Book rating: 3.5 stars

Initial thoughts: I was so disappointed when I checked Onleihe (German e-library system) because all I could find was the abridged audiobook. Then happily, I found the unabridged version on Audible and promptly used a credit on it.

Sapphire Blue, as English speakers will know this book as, was as every bit as funny as Ruby Red, if not more so. Kerstin Gier injected humour that very well balanced the dramatic tension. Although, speaking of dramatic tension, Sapphire Blue was missing a grand plot twist or at least some form of climax. Generally, I didn't feel like I learnt much more in this second book than in the first. For the most part, the entertainment value for me came from being able to dive back into this world because I quite liked Ruby Red. I hope Emerald Green will bring the excitement that was missing for me in Sapphire Blue.

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