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Book blogger, recent Sociology grad in her twenties. Stares at labels when no books are in sight. Disproportionately reads YA. This is a companion blog to http://wordrevel.com.

"Her aunt sighed and said softly, ‘Don’t hold out your hopes for that one, Rosie. He’s messed up. A boy like that… he’ll break your heart.’"
Genesis - Lara Morgan

Lara Morgan (in Genesis, The Rosie Black Chronicles #1)

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A Corner of White
Andrew Eiden, Peter McGowan, Fiona Hardingham, Jaclyn Moriarty, Kate Reinders
Post-TV: Piracy, Cord-Cutting and the Future of Television
Michael Strangelove
A Court of Thorns and Roses
Sarah J. Maas
Girls, Texts, Cultures
Clare Bradford, Mavis Reimer