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A Little Wanting Song

A Little Wanting Song - Cath Crowley I loved that music was pulsing through the book even though technically all a novel as such encompasses is text. Charlie sees the world through music and that came alive for me as I read through the pages.

Overall, it was a poignant read which definitely makes readers stop and think about the nature of friendship. It struck me how Cath Crowley did not only focus on the relationships among Charlie, Rose, Luke and Dave but also on the motivations behind these relationships from the views of Charlie and Rose. And while it started off as a little predictable with Rose only bothering about Charlie for personal gains, things became rather unpredictable without coming off as trying too hard or unbelievable.

Though it may have been a simple novel with little frills, the writing was strong and the voices of the characters definitely made it a worthy read for me.

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