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My Not-So-Still Life

My Not-So-Still Life - Liz Gallagher I read "The Opposite of Invisible" before reading this, so her references to Jewel and Alice made sense. I liked knowing who Vanessa was after getting to know Alice in the previous book. I also liked that it gave a sense of continuity to life and was a reminder that every person thinks differently. So yes, I thought it was genius to write about two characters whose lives once intertwined but don't anymore, while acknowledging each of their existences in overlapping settings.

In terms of the voice, I can't help but compare to Alice. I loved Alive. Liz Gallagher really got inside her head. It didn't work as well this time round but I guess part of that has to do with Vanessa being a more guarded character. Still, Vanessa's motivations were nicely laid out and also in terms of realism, her family was well involved in the plot; her mother and grandfather, they both featured, despite Vanessa's drive to reach adulthood at an accelerated pace.

All in all, I think Liz Gallagher's potential in terms of her writing style was better realized in this novel because more space was left for the plot to breathe and there was a far more coherent sequence. It's also refreshing to read a book where more time was spent dwelling on each moment. Some people might think too much detail was given to some things at the expense of a more dense plot but I thought the pace was fitting as readers get to know who Vanessa is a little better instead.

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