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7 Clues to Winning You

7 Clues to Winning You - Kristin Walker Don’t be fooled by the cover. Looking at it made me think the book was gonna be some sad and sappy teenage romance but it’s not. Yes, there is romance but it’s not sappy or annoying. On the whole, I thought it was rather humorous and I appreciated the wit.

What I particularly liked was Blythe’s volunteer work at the nursing home. She was especially attached to Ms Franny and Ms Eulalie. The two of them alone made the book for me. Their characters were hilarious and I could totally picture every scene with them.

The writing could have been a little stronger at some points. “Our eyes met for a few charged seconds” sounded kitschy the first time round. The second time of staring for another couple of “charged seconds” was hard to ignore.

Fuller review here.

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